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This Is Why You Crave Crappy Food When You're Tired

We see you, airport Cinnabon.


New Lawsuit Could Prevent NCAA from Forcing Transfers to Sit Out a Year

​Former Northwestern basketball player Johnnie Vassar's antitrust lawsuit against the school and the NCAA alleges mistreatment and ultimately could change transfer rules in college sports.


Robotic Mussels Are Here to Help Save the World

Temperature-recording mussels are being placed next to their real counterparts to monitor climate change.


NLRB Ruling in Northwestern Case Could Pave Way for Player Compensation Claims

The NLRB held that private schools regularly monitoring players social media use, among other things, is an unfair labor practice.


VICE Sports Q&A: Northwestern President Emeritus Henry Bienen on Amateurism and the NCAA

Former Northwestern University president Henry Bienen discusses his objection to college athlete pay-for-play, football player unionization efforts, and the NCAA's future.


Punt-Happy College Football Coaches Are Afraid of Unemployment, And Math

When college coaches like Stanford's David Shaw punt despite good field position, they're choosing fear over analytic good sense.


How Virginia Tech Football Fines Undermine the NCAA

When Virginia Tech assistant football coach Bud Foster talked about fining players, his real mistake was telling the truth about "amateur" NCAA sports.


Why the NCAA May End Up Embracing College Athlete Unions

The NCAA celebrated last week's NLRB punt on Northwestern football players' unionization push, but if college athletes are ever recognized as employees, the association likely will reconsider.


Engineers Craft Materials That Can Stay Dry Underwater for Months at a Time

We're finally catching up to water bugs.


The NLRB's Decision About Northwestern Football Players Unionizing Is Just Plain Weird

The National Labor Relations Board's decision on Monday that it wasn't going to make any decision on the Northwestern University football unionization case perplexes legal observers and journalists alike.


Eat All the Placenta You Like, but It's Not Making You Healthier

Moms know best, but scientists know better.


Fewer Colorado Teens Believe Marijuana is a Risky Drug to Use

Early results from a biannual study found only 54 percent of teens in the state viewed marijuana as risky, compared to 58 percent in 2011.