Nouri Al Maliki


Iraq’s Prime Minister Is Trying to Fight Corruption by Rebooting the Government

With a sweeping political reform package, Iraqi Prime Minister Haidr al-Abadi is aiming to dismantle the government put in place following the US invasion in 2003.


President Obama's New Islamic State Strategy Is an Evolutionary — Not Revolutionary — Change

A careful review of the President's speech suggests little will actually change in the way the US continues its fight against the militant group.


America Helped Make the Islamic State

While America pats itself on the back for taking on Islamic militants in Iraq, it's worth remembering that it's fighting a monster of its own creation.


Drug Abuse Is on the Rise in Iraq After Years of Instability

Iraq's deteriorating security situation and rampant corruption has led to a sharp rise in drug use, including heroin and crystal meth.


Baghdad's Sunnis Are Living In Fear Amid Escalated Violence

Sunni Muslims in the Iraqi capital say they are being increasingly targeted by Shiite militia and harassed by security forces.


Iraq's Top Shiite Cleric Urges Political Leaders Not to 'Cling' to Power

Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani plea was seemingly referring to beleaguered Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who is facing calls to step down.


Car Bombs Rip Through Baghdad as Iraq's New President Is Named

Two parked cars packed with explosives detonated this evening just hours after lawmakers named a new president.


Inside Baghdad's Increasingly Crowded Morgue

VICE News visited Baghdad morgue, where bodies are beginning to arrive at the fastest rate in years, and many appear to have been executed.


Kurds Have Seized Oil Fields in Northern Iraq

Kurds seized two major oil fields near the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk this morning, as they seemingly move further toward independence.


ISIS Plundered Nuclear Material That Could Be Used in Weapons

ISIS militants seized uranium when they overran Mosul. It could be used in weapons but is low grade and unlikely to pose a significant risk.


With Kurdish Steps Towards Independence, Iraq Is Splitting Further Apart

Massoud Barzani has asked the Kurdish parliament to form a committee which would organize an independence referendum.


Why Iraq's Military Was So Vulnerable — and How it Can Bounce Back

On paper, Iraq's army looks strong. But it's got huge problems, such as corruption, sectarianism, and ISIS militants sweeping the country.