government shutdown

The Government Shutdown Has Halted Wildlife Conservation and Research

Between the loss of revenue and the lack of staff, important wildlife conservation work done by the National Park Service has been put in jeopardy.
Kaleigh Rogers
climate change

Glacier National Park Is on Fire

The fire was sparked by a lightning storm and spread by strong winds.
Kaleigh Rogers
national parks

The Plan to Save an Iconic Natural Monument By Covering It in Plastic

A wild desire to preserve one of Utah’s most famous natural monuments almost destroyed it.
Daniel Oberhaus
government transparency

The National Park Service Promises to Reinstate 92 Climate Change Documents Removed From Website

Dozens of documents outlining how national parks will address climate change were removed from the agency’s website this month.
Sarah Emerson
Government Misinformation

'Yikes, This Is Bad Press': Internal Emails Show Federal Employees Asking Why a Climate Scientist's Meeting With Mark Zuckerberg Was Canceled

New unpublished documents from the US Geological Survey reveal the agency had no role in squashed meeting between its climate scientist at the Facebook CEO.
Sarah Emerson
National Park Not Serviced

Trump’s Donation to the National Park Service Can Barely Pay for 86 Feet of One Walkway

FOIA documents reveal that Donald Trump’s check to the National Park Service is a drop in the bucket compared to the agency’s overall maintenance costs.
Sarah Emerson

Why More Young British People Are Using Heroin

A study released today reveals a load of new unexpected narcotics trends throughout the UK.
Max Daly
Hunters FTW

That Was Quick: Hunters Stopped a Bill to Privatize Over 3 Million Acres of Public Land

A Republican congressman introduced the bill, then withdrew it in just one week.
Kaleigh Rogers

Trump's Hiring Freeze Will Devastate Our National Parks

Our overcrowded National Parks need to hire 8,000 temporary employees to make sure you can go camping this summer.
Jason Koebler

Young People in Ireland Are Taking More Psychoactive Drugs Than Anyone Else in Europe

A study released this week found that young people in Ireland are big into "new psychoactive substances." So we tried to work out why.
David Gilmour

A Look Inside the British Government's Legal Highs Lab

We spent a day at ground zero for the UK's new war on synthetic drugs.
Rob McCallum

The Death Stats That the British Government Is Using to Ban Legal Highs Are Total Bullshit

The government wants to blanket-ban legal highs after an influential Christian think tank pushed shonky stats about their death toll.
Joshi Herrmann