The National Science Foundation Completely Took Down Its Website During Government Shutdown

“Due to the lapse in government funding, National Science Foundation websites will be unavailable until further notice.”


In Op-Ed, Eric Schmidt Argues for Government Role in Basic Research

"While investing in basic research typically doesn’t make sense for a business, it has been a winning strategy for our nation."


Scientists Are Making Artificial Ice Storms

To better understand how they damage forests, and to prepare for a future of more extreme weather events.


Scientists’ Top Concerns in Trump’s America

Scientists discuss their biggest concerns for President Trump’s impact on STEM research.


Brain Implant that Could Reanimate Paralyzed Limbs Secures $16M in Funding

NSF gave researchers a $16 million grant to figure out how to embed devices in the brain that will restore motion to paralyzed limbs.


CENTCOM Admits US-Trained Syrian Rebels Gave a Bunch of Supplies to al Qaeda Affiliate

The government Friday walked back earlier denials that fighters trained and equipped by the US-led coalition had furnished al Nusra Front with supplies.


Anti-Science Republican Lawmakers Are Going After Crucial Research Grants

The House’s science hit list is going into overdrive.


A Top Neuroscientist Warns That Cyborgs Are a Terrible Idea

Not for at least another 100 years.


The Air Force May Be the Last Hope for the Antarctic Research Season

Can the Air Force get researchers to Antarctica in time to resume critical research?


U.S. Science Is Still Headed Off the Fiscal Cliff

We should probably just fall off already.