nuclear energy


Scientists Are Automating Plutonium Production So NASA Can Explore Deep Space

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have eliminated a major bottleneck in the production of plutonium-238 for deep space exploration through automation.


Nuclear Energy Programs Rarely Lead to Nuclear Weapons

Policy experts and heads of states have wrung their hands about the weaponization of nuclear energy programs for decades.


Britain’s First Nuclear Power Plant in 20 Years Is Delayed and Over Budget

The setback is a blow to the European nuclear power industry.


The Most Toxic Nuclear Facility in the US Is in Lockdown

3,000 workers are sheltering as an emergency is declared at a nuclear facility in Washington State.


Watch Our 360/VR Documentary POWER on How Nuclear Energy Is Made

Motherboard takes you inside three nuclear facilities in 360/VR.


Activists File Emergency Legal Action to Halt the Reactivation of a Nuclear Reactor in New York

Friends of the Earth filed a petition on Tuesday with the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, saying an investigation is need to determine why 1 in 4 cooling system bolts in one of the facility's reactors was degraded or missing.


Chernobyl's New and Improved Sarcophagus Will Contain the Disaster's Radioactivity for a Century

Thirty years after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, engineers are putting the finishing touches on a $1.3 billion enclosure that will be one of the largest moveable structures ever built.


30 Years After Chernobyl, Here’s What Radioactivity Is Doing To Wildlife

Many animals and plants still contain so much radioactivity they are unsafe for human consumption.