nuclear fusion


A Child Explains Why He Built a Nuclear Reactor in His Playroom

“I realized that certain things that I thought were impossible for someone my age aren’t impossible,” said Jackson Oswalt, 14.


India Is Launching a Rover to the Moon to Look for Nuclear Fusion Fuel

The moon is harboring billions of dollars' worth of Helium-3, a critical component for nuclear fusion. India’s space agency wants to be the first to mine it.


This Vancouver Startup Is Chasing the Dream of Clean, Limitless Energy Forever

Nuclear fusion is always “50 years away.” But now it could finally, almost be here.


This 'Star in a Jar’ Could Produce a Nearly Unlimited Supply of Energy

Physicists argue that a spherical tokamak is the best candidate for a pilot nuclear fusion power plant.


Space Tech Is Helping Engineer the World's Biggest Nuclear Fusion Reactor

If it can withstand the Sun it can manage fusion.


Nuclear Fusion Hit a Massive Milestone in Germany

A brand-new reactor, an experimental stellarator design called Wendelstein 7-X, was successfully booted up to an extent where it created hydrogen plasma.


Fusion Power Is a Bit Closer, Claims Mysterious Energy Startup

We are still a ways away from proper, useful fusion, but this seems to be a tantalizing taste.


An Alternative Approach to Nuclear Fusion: Think Smaller

A UK group is trying to use new superconducting tech to make a smaller fusion reactor.


​Could Electrons Be Used to Clean Up Coal Emissions?

How a laser developed for nuclear fusion may be repurposed to scrub coal emissions.