nuclear missile


America Has a Missile Shield Now. But Does It Actually Work?

The 30-year effort to build a defense system against incoming nuclear missiles is complete. Yet the shield is basically still a prototype.


Hawaii Is Getting Ready for a Possible North Korean Nuclear Attack

The state is set to roll out a plan for how it would respond, now that the Hermit Kingdom has developed a missile capable of traveling 4,000 miles.


North Korea Is Experimenting with a Different Kind of Rocket Fuel for Better Missiles

Kim Jong-un's regime is chugging along in its quest to develop solid-fuel engines for long-range missiles that could send a nuke across the world.


Vlogger Starts World War III (Sort Of)

The YouTuber behind the science channel Veritasium got to pretend to blow up the world at a decommissioned nuclear launch site in Arizona.