Numero Group


Trey Gruber’s Devastating Songs Live On in a Great Posthumous Compilation

The late Chicago songwriter’s recordings will debut on the expansive double LP ‘Herculean House of Cards.’


The Slow Return of Duster, the Lo-Fi Trio Who Secretly Changed Indie Rock

After 17 years, the California trio are back in the studio and putting the finishing touches on an archival set for Numero Group. It's a good opportunity to dig into their "desperate, purring distress."


A New Comp of 70s Underground Rock Tells Tales of Dope Fiends and Bad Trips

‘Acid Nightmares’ is a double album that documents the creeping existential dread of the 70s hard rock scene.


Early Experimental Electronic and New Age Musician Joanna Brouk Has Died

Last year, Numero Group released a compilation of her past work.


PREMIERE: Dante Carfagna Goes Instrumental for "Spirit Darts" as Express Rising

Dante Carfagna expands long-time electronic project Express Rising into a three-piece band.


Archival Label Numero Group Want You to Remix an Obscure 80s Disco-Funk Gem

The Universal Togetherness Band's jazz-fusion track "Once In A Lifetime" was never released and almost forgotten-till now.


Spark the Bong and Listen to Some Motherfucking Wizard Rock

The Numero Group has brought the heat with their latest comp of lovable, stoned-tastic classics.