I Took My Mom's Online Nursing Courses for Her

She needed sleep—and more hours at her day job to help me get through my own school.


10,000 NYC nurses are about to go on strike over understaffing

Nurses at New York City’s three largest hospital systems are prepared to walk out if no deal is reached by April 2


Cops arrest alleged father of child conceived while woman was in a vegetative state

A 36-year-old nurse at the Phoenix care facility is the suspect


This Jumping Spider Makes Milk

An Asian spider was observed nursing its young with a liquid that has four times the protein of cow’s milk.​


The Unique Struggle of Being a Nurse with Depression

When I was a nursing student, all I wanted was to be seen as an efficient caregiver. That became difficult when I couldn't take care for myself.


Talking Death and Existential Anxiety with an ICU Nurse

I asked my friend Ernesto, who works as an ICU nurse, some questions about existential anxiety, fear of death, and how surrounding oneself with the dying can affect one's brain.


The Graveyard Shift: the Nurse Who Sleeps in Naps

The Graveyard Shift is a series chronicling how professionals with some of the strangest hours get their rest.


It's Really Sickening How Much Florence Nightingale Hated Women

The saintly 19th-century nurse has come to symbolize good will, sympathy, and self-sacrifice, but she also firmly believed women were good-for-nothing stupidheads who didn't deserve equal rights.


Nursing a Sea Lion Pup Back to Health (Excerpt from 'California’s Sea Lion Die-Off')

In this excerpt, VICE News witnesses the California Wildlife Center’s smallest and most frail sea lion pup as it learns how to eat a full fish.


​The Hidden Language of Hospital Nurses

Passing a blunt doesn't mean what you think it does, and you should be worried if a nurse talks to you about "pillow therapy."