I Shot Minerals Into My Arm to See if I’d Feel Less Exhausted

I didn't investigate the science behind them before showing up so I could keep an open mind and benefit from any placebo effect.


How Bad is it to Binge on Gummy Vitamins?

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Hot Dating Tip: Eat Your Vegetables

White guys were rated more attractive when they had a nice carroty glow.


A Guy Is Suing Krispy Kreme Because Some of Its "Berry" Doughnuts Don't Contain Actual Fruit

The plaintiff says that the lack of berry-derived nutrients in his doughnuts is a real problem, and thinks Krispy Kreme should fork over $5 million.


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FUEL: The High-Fat Diet of an Ultra Runner

Through years of training as an ultra runner, Timothy Olson has taught his body to become "fat-adapted," using fat from animals and plants to fuel him through feats that seems superhuman.


Experts Reiterate That Microwaving Your Food Is Seriously Fine

The American Chemical Society has had enough of hokey, blind demonization of anything deemed “unnatural” when it comes to food—and released a video on YouTube specifically aiming to debunk microwave fears.