New York Sues ExxonMobil for Allegedly Defrauding Investors About Climate Change

NY AG Barbara Underwood said the oil and gas company’s leadership, including former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, knew about this pattern of fraud for several years.


Pablo Power and Schoolly D Take on the 'Philly vs. New York' Rivalry

Now's your last chance to see the exhibition while its up at the Okay Space in Brooklyn.


Puerto Rico’s Superman is a Super-Woman from Brooklyn

'La Borinqueña' is a climate-defending, genre-defying superhero.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO and major Republican donor Meg Whitman says she will support Hillary Clinton, top DNC officials resign over the leaked email scandal, and more.


Upstate New York's Music Scene Is Even Heavier Than the Snowfall

Turns out there's a ton of killer metal, punk, and weirdo rock bands killing it up in Rochester, Albany, Syracuse, and Buffalo.


Ride Along: Kristaps Porzingis on Getting Booed and Talking Trash

Kristaps Porzingis is a smash hit as a high-flying rookie for the New York Knicks. But it wasn't too long ago that he was mercilessly booed by Knicks' fans on draft night.


Harlem on the Rise: Lacrosse and Fencing (Trailer)

In a two-part series we examine the effects of two atypical sports in one of Manhattan's most iconic neighborhoods. Made possible by The Dick's Sporting Good's Foundation.


Do You Trust The Police? - The People Speak

In this episode of 'The People Speak,' VICE News traveled around the world to ask people what they think about the police.


In Defense of Times Square

New York has become an overpriced, creativity-stifling, bourgeoisie city. Times Square, on the other hand, remains beautifully full of chain restaurants and street vendors. It might be the only honest part of Manhattan left.


Give Us Our Money!

Things turn ugly when a Chinese multimillionaire screws over a bunch of disadvantaged New Yorkers.


Chef's Night Out: Joey Campanaro

Joey Campanaro, the chef/owner of Little Owl and owner of Market Table in NYC, takes us out on the town for rum and cokes, a helluva lot of tequila, and some serious comfort food.


Things I Saw On the Ground (and Above it) at EDC NY

"If you don't stop and look around for a while, you could miss it."