NYFW 2014

  • Photos from the Trenches of New York Fashion Week

    VICE's own Miyako Belizzi covered New York Fashion Week so hard she (almost) ended up in the emergency room again. Here's what it looked like.

  • En Vogue

    Photos by Stoltze and Stefanie and styling by Julien Alleyne.

  • Introducing the 2014 Fashion Issue

    In case the leather gimp on the cover doesn’t make it blatantly obvious, the 2014 Fashion Issue is sex-themed. Instead of giving everyone exactly what they’d expect from an issue of VICE that revolves around sex, we decided to take a more refined...

  • Starving for Fashion

    This week in New York City, hundreds of young girls will hit the runway for fashion week, the modeling world’s Super Bowl. It looks glamorous, but the lifestyle of a model can be a catalyst for poor mental health; I was one of those women who suffered...