• 12.12.16

      Scenes from My Time in a Psychiatric Hospital

      After a series of manic episodes, I was admitted to the Centre Hospitalier de Saint-Anne in Paris. That's where I met a nymphomaniac, a medium, and the reincarnation of Christ.

    • 11.2.15

      A Brief History of Actual Sex in Movies

      From pud-pulling in a French prison to mother-son BJs in suburban Maryland, here's an overview of unsimulated sex acts on the silver screen.

    • 4.17.14

      James Franco on Showing the Dirty Stuff in Movies

      Sexual content and sexual addiction are the latest to undergo a transformation in movies, and Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 and 2 is the proof that the subject is becoming less taboo in mainstream commercial venues.

    • 2.26.14

      Talking to Stacy Martin About Her Fake Sex with Shia LaBeouf

      Landing a role in the most infamous movie of the past decade—Lars von Trier's four-hour epic, Nymphomaniac—isn't a bad way to start your acting career. In her screen debut, 22-year-old British model Stacy Martin spends the majority of her time...

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