O Canada


Another Canadian Butchered 'O Canada' at MLB's All-Star Game

The singing of the Canadian national anthem was a disaster for the second year in a row.


Everyone Should Have High-Speed Internet Access, CRTC Rules

And connections are about to get a lot faster.


MLB All-Star Game's Lone Wolf Tenor: "Black Lives Do Matter." Gee, Thanks.

The Canadian Tenor who hijacked O Canada during the All-Star Game has clarified his position.


Canadian Tenor's Apologies to the Black Community Are Actually Worse Than His Anthem Stunt

This guy really doesn't know when to shut up.


National Anthem Singers Add ‘All Lives Matter’ to ‘O Canada’ at MLB All-Star Game

It's like your racist uncle Dave singing at a baseball game.


Canadian Tenors Add "All Lives Matter" to Lyrics of "O Canada" at All-Star Game

A Canadian Tenor went rogue and added "All Lives Matter" to the lyrics of the Canadian national anthem.


The Town Where Everyone Got Free Money

No, nobody stopped working. Inside the experiment that laid the groundwork for the modern guaranteed income movement.


Quebec Has a Porn-Acting Academy for Men

We interviewed a producer at the Quebec-based porn company that recently launched a one-day porn school that aims to teach men how to pump like the pros.


The 6th Letter Is Bigger Than Canada (and Canada Is Huge)

The Canadian rapper talks his upcoming mixtape, and is too political to admit that Joey Bada$$ jacked his swag.


Canada's Spy Industry Is Powering Its Energy Industry

Canada, home to 75 percent of the world’s mining companies, is hacking its way into greater economic power.


What's the Trouble with 'Pipe Trouble,' the Satirical Game That's Inflamed Canada's Energy Battle?

Pipe Trouble is an arcade puzzle game in which you're tasked with building a gas pipeline without hurting the environment too badly -- and while dealing with a group of ecoterrorists who want to bomb it


Rehtaeh Parsons, Amanda Todd, and the Cyber-Failures of the RCMP

It all started one night—at a friend’s house—when four boys raped Rehtaeh. One of them took a photo and distributed it online.