O2 Arena


Florence Welch Casts Spells on Thousands of Us at a Time

Florence and the Machine's euphoric London O2 Arena show converted the energy of 12,000 people into one cathartic (and phone-less) release.


Lady Gaga, Suffering from "Severe Pain," Cancels 10 Remaining Tour Dates

The singer, who has fibromyalgia, has cancelled the remainder of her European tour on the advice of her doctors.


This British Stadium Thinks You're Smuggling Terrorism in Your Snacks

Last week, a London sports arena confiscated tennis fans' home-packed meals, citing the UK's "severe" threat level as a concern. Since the advent of global terrorism, worries over the food and drink supply have proliferated—but are they legitimate?


We Snuck Into a Top Security Olympic Arena

VICE journalist Graham Johnson snuck into a prominent Olympic site wearing a highly sophisticated disguise comprised of a hi-vis jacket and a hard hat.