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Barack Obama's Photographer Talks About Life in the White House

We spoke to Pete Souza about his new book and his personal and professional relationship with the former president.
Dipo Faloyin
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Bees Are Officially Endangered Now

On Monday, seven kinds of bees joined the endangered species list, so think twice before swatting them away from your food.
Allison Schaller

You Should Be Able to Immigrate to America If You Have a Really Good Idea for a Startup

A new policy could give immigrants leeway to stay in America if they're working on a successful startup company.
Ted Hesson

Why It Matters that the Feds Are Opening the Doors for Weed Science

By removing infuriating roadblocks, the federal government may have just ushered in a golden age for green research.
Mike Pearl
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The War Against ISIS Is Succeeding, at Least on Twitter

The militant group is losing some of its pull on Twitter, thanks to anti-ISIS propaganda and thousands of account suspensions.
Janaya Greene
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Obama Says Transgender Students Can Use Any Bathroom They Want

A letter from federal officials to school districts across America is going out Friday.
VICE Staff
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Joe Biden Thinks He Would Have Been 'the Best President'

That said, Biden says he's confident Hillary will win the Democratic nomination and become the next president.
Helen Donahue
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North Carolina Is Suing the Feds to Protect Its Anti-Trans Bathroom Law

Governor Pat McCrory thinks the Obama administration is trying to bypass Congress and rewrite the law.
Helen Donahue
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Joe Biden Is the Most Popular Presidential Candidate Despite Not Actually Being One

A new poll finds that Joe Biden has the edge in the 2016 presidential race, even though he's not actually running for president.
Drew Millard

A Lawyer for Guantánamo Inmates Explains ​Why 'Guantánamo North' Is a Terrible Idea

"When people call for Guantánamo to be closed, it is simply shorthand for a more comprehensive demand to end torture and arbitrary, indefinite imprisonment without trial or fair process."
Ramzi Kassem

The US Government Is Spending Millions to Illegally Lock Up Immigrant Families

Private prison companies are reaping in government cash to run detention centers for immigrant families, despite a court ruling ordering the Obama administration to close the controversial facilities.
Meredith Hoffman

A White House Aide Allegedly Fired Her Cop Boyfriend's Gun at Him in a Fit of Rage

Barvetta Singletary helped make the Affordable Care Act—a.k.a. Obamacare— happen. Now she's on unpaid leave and has lost her White House security privileges.
Allie Conti