In Memoriam

The Prodigy's Keith Flint Showed 90s Kids We Could Be Fearless and Raw

The frontman, who died at the age of 49, will inspire a generation with his wild legacy in electronic music.
Matthew Francey

Willie McCovey Was *The* San Francisco Giant

The Hall of Famer and San Francisco Giants legend passed away Wednesday afternoon at the age of 80.
Rachael McDaniel

RIP Ugo Ehiogu, Who Brought Genuine Passion to a Cynical Music Business

The Dirty Hit Records co-founder and football legend passed away this morning at 44 years old.
Angus Harrison

RIP William Onyeabor, Who Remained a Mystery Until the End

The electro-funk pioneer and record label boss has died at the age of 70, and leaves behind a legacy steeped in secrecy.
Noisey Staff
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All the Weird Stuff You Probably Didn't Know About Fidel Castro

A look back at the life of a man who avoided hundreds of assassinations, economically ran his country into the ground and loved the Manic Street Preachers.
Gavin Haynes

Get Savvy to Savak, Punks for Life

The supergroup of DC hardcore scene vets shares their new video for "Alive in Shadows," and vocalist Sohrab Habibion discusses why he's still punk after all these years.
Zachary Lipez

The Champ At Rest: Muhammad Ali In His Later Years

Over eight intimate months with Ali, the author discovered a man who was neither weak nor diminished in his later life, but rather happy, at peace and still growing.
Peter Richmond
Muhammad Ali

Ali Remembered: A Collection of Stories About the Passing of an Icon

The passing of Muhammad Ali has inspired numerous remembrances and obituaries. We collect some of the best.
VICE Sports
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The Voice Actor Behind Admiral Ackbar's 'It's a Trap!' Has Died

Erik Bauersfeld's delivery of the line "It's a trap!" turned Ackbar into a fan favorite.
VICE Staff

Rugby Legend Jonah Lomu Dies Aged 40

Jonah Lomu, one of rugby unions greatest competitors of all time, has died aged 40.
David Whelan

In Memory of Robert Farquhar, the Original Space Hacker

The man who helped hijack a long-dormant spacecraft from an abandoned McDonalds has died at 83.
Keith Cowing
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RIP Christian Audigier, the Trash Fashion Icon Who Changed My Life

For a short time in the 2000s, he transformed white trash culture and new money aesthetics into a coveted and desired fashion empire with Von Dutch and Ed Hardy.
Mitchell Sunderland