occupied territories


For Palestinian Prisoners, Fathering Children Is an Act of Resistance

Denied conjugal visits, Palestinian inmates are adopting creative tactics to continue their bloodlines.


'A Darkness in His Heart': Terror, Martyrs, Rubble, and Repetition as Israel Resumes Home Demolitions

In 2005, the practice of demolishing the family homes of Palestinian terror suspects was abandoned after a report by the Israeli army found it ineffective as a deterrent. Now, with violence on the rise, it is back.


We Asked Pro Israeli and Palestinian Protesters how the Gaza Crisis will End

Israel has been bombing Palestinian cities in Gaza since July 8. Blame aside, when will it end?


Small-Town Palestinians Are Fighting the Israeli Occupation With Their Cameras

In small Palestinian towns ignored by most news outlets, citizen journalists have grabbed cameras to document clashes with Israeli soldiers.


Netanyahu Seizes Political Opportunity in Manhunt For Missing Israeli Teens

Israeli forces are cracking down hard on Hamas in the Palestinian territories, as they search for three teenagers missing since last week.


Palestinians Are Paying the Price in the Search for Missing Settler Teens

A Palestinian was killed, and more than were 150 arrested, in the sweeping manhunt for three Israeli teens allegedly kidnapped near Hebron.