The Mystery of the Creepiest Television Hack

It was like any other Sunday night at Chicago’s WGN-TV. And then the signal flickered into darkness.
Chris Knittel
Motherboard Blog

Keyboard Cats: The Dream of the Katzenklavier, a Piano Made of Meows

If only 19th Century German psychiatrist Johann Christian Reil was still around to treat today's hyperactive youth.
Josh Schneider
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Russia's Dyatlov Pass Incident, the Strangest Unsolved Mystery of the Last Century

54 years ago this month, the northern part of the Urals played host to one of the most fascinating unsolved mysteries in the modern age.
Derek Mead
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The Most Surreal Lake in the World Is a Portal to Some Very Weird Things

Pavilion Lake, a 3.6 mile long, half mile wide body of water located in Marble Canyon, British Columbia, is famous for what visitors call “freshwater corals.” Even the fuzziest picture of them impresses; images recorded on a pipe inspection camera in...
Jen Vafidis
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The South Pacific Drone Zone

You know what sucks? Manmade noise pollution. Swelling mass acoustics have some pretty miserable side effects, not least that the late-night semis screaming down the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, horns ablazing, will often rouse me from my padded first...
Brian Anderson

Forget About Scary Movies; These Production Logos Will Terrify You

If you’re like we are, you’ve spent untold hours working out a deep-seated fascination with TV station and production company "identity logos":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Production_logo, or idents. For those of you who weren’t babysat by a TV...
Alex Dunbar
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The Danger Triangle of the Face

Try wrapping your head around this: Your face is a picking time bomb.
Brian Anderson
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Total Progressive Collapse: Why Buildings Sometimes Crumble

h3. (Image: "David Carriel":http://www.flickr.com/photos/15765624@N08/) _ODDITY examines strange and esoteric phenomena and events from the remote, uncanny corners of technology, science and history._ There’s no mystery, no great and shadowy...
Brian Anderson
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When Resonance Attacks

On July 5th, a 39-story office/shopping center building in Seoul, South Korea started to shake rapidly. For ten minutes vertical tremors violently rocked the building, causing an immediate evacuation of the premises. After the shaking subsided...
Kurt Poropatich