Of Mice and Men


'Never Been Touched Like This': The Teens Who Write Erotic Metalcore Fan Fiction

While many older rock fans denounce the genre, metalcore has become an outlet for teenage girls, who have taken to publishing erotic stories based on their favorite bands to express their sexualities—and, sometimes, to deal with impulses to self-harm.
Thea De Gallier

James Franco on the Power of Performing 'Of Mice and Men' on Broadway

Even if you know what’s coming, you want to believe that maybe this time things will work out, maybe it will end tragically, maybe the boys will get to “the Place” after all.
James Franco
A Few Impressions

Group as Character in Steinbeck’s 'In Dubious Battle'

As many of you know, I’ve been performing in a Broadway production of one of John Steinbeck’s best-known works, <em>Of Mice and Men</em>, which is why I'm writing about one of his lesser-read works, <em>In Dubious Battle</em>, a novel that is part of...
James Franco
A Few Impressions

Broadway, Baby

So you want to know what it’s like to put up a play on Broadway? I’ll tell ya. But, I should note, the way a classic play is put on (specifically John Steinbeck’s <i>Of Mice and Men</i>, in which I am currently starring) is much different from the way...
James Franco
A Few Impressions

James Franco Shares a Letter About Hart Crane

James Franco shares a letter he wrote to Alan Williamson of Warren Wilson College while he was working on his film, 'The Broken Tower,' which is about the poet Hart Crane and his poetry.
James Franco