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This Woman Decorated Her Lawn Like a Concentration Camp for Halloween

Complete with Hitler-saluting skeletons and an "arbeit macht frei" sign.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Yes, Trump Just Made a Pocahontas Joke to Navajo Code Talkers

Though no one was laughing.
Lauren Messman

This Maryland Tattoo Parlor Is Covering Up Racist Tattoos for Free

"Sometimes people make bad choices, and sometimes people change," Southside Tattoo's owner said.
Brian Moylan
The VICE Guide to Right Now

David Petraeus Says ISIS Fighters in Mosul Are 'Dead Men Walking'

We sat down with the retired four-star general and former head of the CIA to discuss why the fight to retake Mosul is so important to ending ISIS's hold on Iraq on this episode of 'VICE News Tonight.'
VICE Staff

Poll Finds Most Native Americans Don't Care About "Redskins" Nickname

A new poll finds that nine in ten Native Americans are not offended by Washington's team name.
Sean Newell

What Does Poland Think of This Offensive Polish Magazine Cover About 'Islam Raping Europe'?

According to VICE Poland editor Maciek Piasecki, most people in his country don't think it's a big deal.
Amelia Dimoldenberg
The Battle for Iraq

Peshmerga Fighters Closing in on Mosul: The Battle for Iraq (Dispatch 9)

VICE News traveled to meet the Kurdish peshmerga fighters manning the trenches at the strategic junction of Keske, outside the Islamic State's Iraqi stronghold of Mosul.
war and conflict

Publicity Blitz Hypes Iran-Backed Offensive Against Islamic State in Iraq

With varying degrees of accuracy, Iran wants you to know that it is helping to lead the charge against the Sunni terror group — both on the ground and in the world of social media.
Samuel Oakford

Redface Is Just as Offensive as Blackface

Members of the Native American community are once again reminding the public that wearing a headdress is no more acceptable than dressing up in a sombrero, a yarmulke, or a hijab.
Jennifer McCartney

Projecting Abbott's Eastbound Offensive Offensive

Having pissed of Malaysia, Indonesia, and East Timor (in that order) foreign relations under Abbott has finally found some direction: east.
Lee Zachariah

Tween Singer Alison Gold Doesn't Know Anything About "Chinese Food"

I think that the son of a former Chinese restaurant owner is the best person to express their love for Chinese food. Like me. That was until 11-year-old singer, Alison Gold, gave it a shot with her Billboard mega hit, “Chinese Food.” In her...
Pete Wu