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What We Know So Far About the Bahamas Leaks

The leaked files reveal details concerning the offshore activities of prime ministers, governmental advisors, members of royal families, and convicted criminals.
VICE Staff

Is Vancouver the Tax Haven Capital of Canada?

Panama Papers data shows Metro Vancouver has the highest concentration of links to offshore firms in the country. We asked an international investment and migration expert what's going on.
Sarah Berman

What Low-Level Tax Dodgers Think About the Super-Rich's Tax Havens

Is not declaring a bit of cash-in-hand pay as bad as hiding millions in offshore accounts?
Frankie Mullin

What Are the 'Legitimate Reasons' to Have an Offshore Bank Account?

The Panama Papers revealed how a lot of rich people hide their money, but there are supposedly non-shady reasons to conceal your assets. What are they?
Allie Conti
Panama Papers

Putin Says Panama Papers Are a Western Plot Against Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken out for the first time about the Panama Papers, calling the leaks an attempt to destabilize Russia. Putin also said a friend of his named in the leaks had done nothing wrong.
Reuters and VICE News
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Did Bernie Sanders Basically Predict the Panama Papers in 2011?

Fans might argue he knew what was coming, and that no one listened.
Helen Donahue

This Shady Law Firm Keeps Helping Banks and Oligarchs Launder Money

Despite a VICE investigation—and the small sliver of sunlight it shined on Mossack Fonseca's dealings—the firm is still up to its old tricks.
Ken Silverstein

How Large Journalistic Investigations Work

We spoke to one of the coordinators of the recent HSBC leaks about how the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists goes about its investigations.
Alberto Mucci