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How Texas' oil fracking boom tore a "highway of death" through this tiny town

Texas and New Mexico communities face skyrocketing traffic accidents and housing prices with thousands of oil workers in town.


Climate Change Has Delayed the First Oil Production Facility in Federal Arctic Waters

An unprecedented fossil fuel venture in the Beaufort Sea is feeling the consequences of warming Arctic temperatures.


Why Florida Just Banned Indoor Vaping and Offshore Drilling With a Single Vote

The state of Florida voted in favor of Amendment 9 that lumps the two issues together for environmental reasons.


How Fracking Companies Use Facebook Surveillance to Ban Protest

Oil and gas companies are discrediting activists using social media to justify banning their protests.


Every Canadian Unknowingly Gives $100 a Year to Big Oil, Study Reveals

And that’s before the Trudeau government blew $4.5 billion on the Trans Mountain pipeline.


Duterte talks up war with China over oil and gas. Here's why it's not a great idea.

“The president has declared that if anyone gets the natural resources in the West Philippine Sea-South China Sea, he will go to war.”


One Fracking Well Can Suck Up 250,000 Bathtubs' Worth of Water in Less Than a Week

A new study examines the impact of fracking on streams in Arkansas.


Oil Lobbyists: Thunderbird Strike Video Game 'Promotes Ecoterrorism'

The award-winning game features an Indigenous thunderbird that destroys pipelines and restores the environment.


Destroy Oil Pipelines as a Thunderbird in this New Video Game

Thunderbird Strike is the latest from Indigenous developer Elizabeth LaPensée.


The US Is Paying Big Oil to Keep Fossil Fuels Profitable

Subsidies are keeping “zombie energy” alive.


Canada Is Dragging Its Feet on Capping Dangerous Methane Leaks

The government finally has a plan to regulate methane leaks from the oil and gas industry. It doesn’t come into effect until 2020.


Fracking in BC Releases 2.5 Times More Methane Than Government Estimates

Methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2.