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Jamal Khashoggi

Saudi Arabia cannot believe it's getting this much blowback over an assassination

“I don't think they expected such an international reaction."
David Gilbert
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WTF is going on in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince this weekend ordered the detention of dozens of princes, ministers and high-ranking officials in a “corruption” crackdown widely seen as a ploy to consolidate his grip on power.
David Gilbert

The bad news about falling oil prices

Peter A. McKay

Fort McMurray Residents Remain Displaced as Fire Pushes North

Estimates put the oil industry at a $770 million loss, and more evacuations have been ordered as the fire moves north.
Jake Kivanc
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The Saudi King Just Fired the Guy Who's Been in Charge of the Country's Oil for 20 Years

Faced with plummeting oil prices, King Salman wants to revamp Saudi Arabia's economy and consider a future that relies less on petroleum sales.
VICE News and Reuters

Are Russia and OPEC Forging an Unholy Alliance to Boost Oil Prices? Not Likely

A new global alliance to revive oil markets would mark a fundamental shift in the global politics of oil, bringing Russia into unfamiliar alignment with the 13-member Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries in a bid to support falling prices.
Greg Walters

We Asked an Expert What the Hell Is Going On with the Price of Oil

Potential price wars between energy supplying nations, an Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) not keen on cutting production that could stabilize the market, and conspiracy theories about market manipulation by key players abound.
Brian McManus
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Low Oil Prices and the War in Yemen Have Left a Huge Hole in Saudi Arabia's Budget

Facing a record budget shortfall of $87 billion in 2016, Saudi Arabia announced plans on Monday to cut fuel subsidies for its citizens.
Samuel Oakford

Russia's Economy Is a Mess — and Its Problems Aren't Going Away

As the value of Russia's currency declines and its citizens endure a deepening recession, it's unclear how the country will manage what could be its longest slump in decades.
Samuel Oakford
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Iraq’s Prime Minister Is Trying to Fight Corruption by Rebooting the Government

With a sweeping political reform package, Iraqi Prime Minister Haidr al-Abadi is aiming to dismantle the government put in place following the US invasion in 2003.
Landon Shroder

A (Silicon) Valley Grows in Algeria

Young entrepreneurs are hoping to break Algeria's tenuous dependence on oil by starting new businesses and expanding the Algerian marketplace.
Elizabeth Nicholas

Here's Why Low Gas Prices Might Not Be Bad for the Environment

Plummeting prices at the pump might not lead to more automobile traffic, according to a government study and the long-term prospects for the electric vehicle sector.
Laura Dattaro