The 'Crotch Pot' Allows You to Cook Food Using the Heat from Your Own Junk

May all your dreams of cooking fettuccine in your underwear come true at long last.
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Hot Damn, KOOL A.D. Wrote a Book

After releasing a shitload of projects this year—including not only one, but two 100-track mixtapes—the rapper has released a novel called 'OK.' Read an excerpt here.
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LA: Go to Kool A.D.'s Book Release Party on Tuesday

The whole thing starts at 7 PM at the Standard. Entry is free, and a portion of Kool A.D.'s debut novel sales will go to Planned Parenthood.
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Here Are 10 Blisteringly Hot and Essential Takes About Radiohead Headlining Glastonbury

A group of professional music journalists are here to help you process the news.
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Frank Ocean Released a Visual Album Featuring James Blake, Arca, Alex G and More

It's not quite the album we were expecting, but literal years and countless pieces of wood later, we have something from Frank Ocean.
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Kool A.D. Premieres His Beautifully Lo-Fi Video for "2 Much"

The former Das Racist MC shares a VHS-inspired video that will make you listen to his 100-song mixtape.
Alex Robert Ross
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Let's Enjoy This Trey Songz "Life on Mars?" Cover We Didn't Know We Needed

It's for the soundtrack of HBO's 'Vinyl.'
Craig Jenkins
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Tinashe and Metro Boomin Connect for "Ride of Your Life"

Her new album 'Joyride' is on the way.
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Here's a Timeline of All the Strange Shit R. Kelly Sings in His 45-Minute Origin Story Song

"I love music. I’m pregnant by it. I’m having apelets. And I’m gonna love my babies."
Craig Jenkins
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Rapper and Senior VICE Parenting Columnist Kool A.D. Released a New Video, 100-Track Mixtape

The mixtape, 'O.K.,' serves as a soundtrack to his forthcoming novel of the same name.
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Quentin Miller Shrugs Off Drake Ghostwriting Allegations on WDNG CRSHRS' "That's a Fool"

The Atlanta rapper is unbothered on his group's newest song.
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How To Get People To Listen To Your New Record

So you and your pimply band mates have decided it's time to take your recordings, slap 'em on some vinyl, and let the world hear what you're made of. But how can you be sure that anyone will actually listen?
Jeff Ogiba