Old Blue Last


Beer Old Fashioned

A simple beer syrup updates this classic cocktail.
Tony Conigliaro
noisey weekend

Photos of the Best Moments from Noisey Weekend

See the best photos of our weekend of shows, featuring Young M.A, Open Mike Eagle, Hanni El Khatib, Tierra Whack, Amen Dunes, and more.
Noisey Staff

Beer-Marinated Vegan Tacos

Like carne asada, but without the carne.
Meriel Armitage

Dandelion and Burdock Shandy Recipe

Light, refreshing, and the perfect drink for almost anytime.
Missy Flynn
Noisey Presents

Come See Whores in Brooklyn for Free, Presented by Noisey and Old Blue Last

The Atlanta noise rock trio will join Wrong, Bummer, and Iron Gag at St Vitus on May 20. Did we mention it's free?
Noisey Staff
thump news

THUMP and Jubilee Are Throwing a Free ‘Magic City 3’ Release Party in Brooklyn

The party, hosted in part by Old Blue Last, goes down Wednesday, May 31 at Good Room.
Krystal Rodriguez

Old Blue Last Beer Cheese Recipe

Beer and cheese: One of life's greatest combinations.
Munchies Staff

Hey, VICE Just Launched a Signature Beer Called Old Blue Last

At the VICE office, we like to drink beer. A lot of it. So we came up with our own, and soon, you can try it, too.
Munchies Staff
we saw this

We Saw Dillinger Escape Plan Play a Surprise Show to Like 100 People and It Was Fucking Nuts

Here's what happens when the world's most beloved heavy music trailblazers announce a last minute show in a pub and it sells out in 11 seconds.
Noisey Staff
Friday Live!

On Friday, We Livestreamed Two Strangers Having an Awkward Date – Here Are the Highlights

We livestreamed a date in the apartment above our bar in London. Tons of people watched the awkwardness unfold in real time, but if you missed the stream, we put together a highlight package of the most cringe-worthy moments.
VICE Staff
Friday Live!

Livestream: Strangers on an Awkward Date!

Two strangers are currently having a shitty first date in the apartment above VICE's pub in London, the Old Blue Last. Watch it live!
VICE Staff