Old School


Bud Norris is Bad for Baseball

Baseball is fun and Norris's "old school" act for the St. Louis Cardinals is rubbing some of his teammates the wrong way. Maybe that's why MLB is having a hard time engaging young fans, too.


The Family That Raves Together, Stays Together

Kevin Saunderson and his sons Dantiez and DaMarii are Detroit techno's first family.


Watch Urban Cone Throw a Dance Party with a Bunch of Cute Kids

This video for "Old School" is more adorable than a miniature pony in a sweater. It's also a rumination on social media and modern romance.


Watch 'Doom' Run on a TI-83 Graphing Calculator

A level above writing BOOBS over and over again in class.


The Medieval Reenactors Who Want to Make Jousting an Olympic Sport

There's a campaign for the old timey horseback stick-battle to be at a future games, so I went to find out if it's worthy or not.


Jim Breuer & The Loud and Rowdy get Loud, Rowdy on "Old School"

It's the second single to be released from the stand-up comedian's metal/comedy record 'Songs From The Garage'.


Rediscovered Photographs from New York's 90s Hip-Hop Scene

In the late 90s, ​Taku Onoda shot everyone from Mos Def to Wu-Tang to Guru.


No School Like the Old Skool: Wish FM

Long-standing cohort DJ DB discusses WishFM's achievements, from "Requiem for a Dream" to hanging with Timothy Leary.


Screw You, Milk Companies: Milk.com Is One of the Last Bastions of the Old Internet

Dan Bornstein registered milk.com so he could have a personal email address. That's the same reason he's not giving the domain up.


Artist Uses 85 3D Printed Figurines To Create A Film Without Any Film

French new media artist Julien Marie's new film brings 3D printed materials to an age-old animation technique.