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Millions of Birds Are Vacuumed to Death Every Year for Our Martini Olives

Olives have a better flavor if they’re harvested at night, which is bad news for the birds who tend to sleep in those trees.
Jelisa Castrodale
5 hours ago

José Andrés Thinks Olives Are a Trojan Horse

The legendary chef opens up about humanitarianism, his motivation, and how olives make him feel like an American.
Ximena N. Larkin

Cannabis-Laced Classic Stirred Martini

We like our martini stirred, not shaken—oh, and laced with a bunch of bud.
Daniel K. Nelson

Pumpkin Pizza

Who needs Halloween candy when you have this pumpkin pizza, topped with Italian turkey sausage, mushrooms, olives, and oodles of cheese?
Thom Beers

Confit Octopus Salad

Sure, you could poach your octopus in some water with a cork, but what you really should be doing is gently cooking it in olive oil for the most kick-ass flavor.
Farideh Sadeghin

Meet the Bartender Who Made Dirty Martinis So Much Easier

He was the first to bottle an olive brine made purely for use in cocktails. It is thicker and olive-forward with that bite of salt that people like, yet fruity at the finish.
Javier Cabral
Olive Oil

In Puglia, Nearly Every Family Makes Its Own Olive Oil

The processing equipment might be modern, but the olive oil—all-natural, unfiltered, and exquisitely fresh—has been the same for generations.
Aaron Kase
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Dress Up Your Pizza with Pumpkin for Halloween

This recipe also has Italian turkey sausage, mushrooms, olives, and three kinds of cheese, so it will still be kind of familiar—kind of how a ghost is pretty similar to a real person.
Munchies Staff

Italian Restaurant Forced to Take Down Controversial 'Black Olives Matter' Sign

“When you make a black olive tapenade, the olives matter,” said Camuglia in an interview. “You can’t make it with canned olives.”
Gigen Mammoser
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Quit Playing Games With My Heart and Make Some Grilled Calamari with Garlic

Tim Tibbitts may be a former Backstreet Boys impersonator, but the man knows his seafood. When it comes to calamari, we want it that way.
Munchies Staff

This Week in Food Porn: Cauliflower Cheese, Crabapples, and Toast

The week in food porn is here. The greatest images of edible beauty to be uploaded to the internet in the last seven days—no scrolling required.
Nell Frizzell

This Week in Food Porn: Carrots, Crockery, and Kim Kardashian's Birthday Cake

This Halloween, dig in to the best of the week's online deliciousness, courtesy of Instagram's finest food porn.
Nell Frizzell