25 Ways To Put An Egg On It

Because one egg is never un oeuf.


How-To: Make the World's Best Omelette

Chef E-Dubble is here to teach you how to make the world's greatest omelette.


Meat-lover's Omelette Recipe

In case you thought eggs weren't giving you enough protein, we threw in 3 other types for ya.


Vegetarian Omelette Recipe

Raid your fridge and use whatever vegetables you have in this straightforward breakfast staple.


I Spent an Entire Day Only Saying 'Omelette Du Fromage'

My girlfriend, friends and drug dealer didn't enjoy the 'Dexter's Laboratory' reference; they fucking hated it.


How to Make the Perfect Vegetarian Omelette

You've got to control your heat, whisk your eggs beforehand, and know when to hold them and when to (literally) fold them.


Why Are the Feds Buying Millions of Pounds of Cheese and Eggs?

Much like the dairy industry, egg producers are also feeling the crunch lately after a significant drop in demand and price.


This Massive Omelette Contains €8,760 worth of truffles

Every year, the villagers of the tiny, remote French village of Lalbenque prepare an omelette that takes 2,480 eggs and 7.3 kilograms of truffles.


The World's Best Omelette Is Filled with Shrimp, Pork and Honey Goat Cheese

This triple-protein monster is a meat-lover's dream. The only downside: It'll ruin all other omelettes for you.


Make Chef E. Dubble's Soigné and Simple Omelette

You’ll be able to make anyone at your breakfast table feel like one of chef Edwin "E. Dubble" Redway VIP clients.


Two Dutch Chefs Answer All of Your Culinary Weed Questions

Between burned space cakes, weed butter that tastes like compost, and a pasta sauce that doesn’t get you high, cooking with marijuana is not always as easy as it looks.


Screw You, Brunch

Brunch is one of the most consistently disappointing meals. Eggs and bread are cheap. You are getting ripped off.