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POV Sketches Put Viewers in the Drawing Seat

Thomas Cian hits the road with sketchbook in hand.
Diana Shi
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The Legendary Letter that Inspired Kerouac to Write 'On the Road' Is Going Up for Auction

The 40,000-word letter by Neal Cassady is said to have inspired Kerouac to adopt his electric, spontaneous style was believed to have been lost forever.
River Donaghey
dream dealing with zZz

Dissecting Parquet Courts' Surreal Stress Dreams About Endless Subways

Sean Yeaton is a brilliant bizarro and also the bassist of Parquet Courts. Whenever the band goes on tour, he has this recurring dream about a labyrinthine subway system and a vague destination he never reaches. We had an analyst interpret the...
Zach Sokol
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Some Book Nerds Made an Interactive Map of the Most Famous Road Trips in American Literature

It plots out the trips of everyone from Kerouac to Steinbeck to Cheryl Strayed.
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The Film That Made Me...

'Five Easy Pieces' Was the Film That Taught Me Misanthropy Was Hopeless

Jack Nicholson's performance as Bobby Dupea makes for a convincingly churlish asshole, and one I could recognize myself in.
Max Metzger

I Spent 24 Hours with a Female Truck Driver

"That's one thing about this job," says Kerry, her long blue nails resting on the steering wheel. "You get amazing sunsets."
Nell Frizzell

I Thought Becoming Jack Kerouac Would Cure My Depression

There are moments in <i>On the Road</i> when the author seems cured of his own mental health issues, so I figured that a freewheeling, weed-smoking experience might have the same effect on me.
James Nolan

Cleaning Out Sheds with the Merry Pranksters' Ken Babbs

Time has been good to Babbs. At 73, he still bursts with energy and ideas even if he no longer looks like the spry, DayGlo weirdo from Tom Wolfe's legendary book.
River Donaghey
Marshall Headphones: On The Road - BRANDED

Groupies, Dicks, and the Pitbull

Jesse meets Cynthia Plaster Caster, a groupie famous for making casts of her conquests’ penises.
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Marshall Headphones: On The Road - BRANDED

Rockfield Studios With a Wizard - Trailer

Krusher is a man synonymous with heavy metal for decades.
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Marshall Headphones: On The Road - BRANDED

The Birth of Loud

Jesse heads for the Midlands to meet Quartz, one of the great unsung metal bands from the 1970s.
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Marshall Headphones: On The Road - BRANDED

Black Sabbath and the Birth of Heavy Metal

Jesse decides that for his next rock ‘n’ roll road trip he wants to investigate his first musical love—the original, authentic heavy metal sound from the UK, as pioneered by his heroes Black Sabbath in the 1970s.
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