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Here’s a Great New Run the Jewels Song for 'GEARS OF WAR 4,' a Game I Will Definitely Dislike

Yay, RTJ. Nah, Gears of War.
Jabbari Weekes
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Watch Drake Perform "One Dance" During Rihanna's Concert in Toronto

The 6 God popped in on the second day of the 'ANTI' tour to the dismay of people who went the first night.
Byron Yan

Canadian Rock Icons Sloan Talk Commemorating A 20 Year Old Classic in 'One Chord To Another'

In their 25th year, the four-piece recognizes that their fans – both new and old – can’t get enough of the golden oldies.
Cam Lindsay

Watch Our HBO Special Report on the Fight to Cure AIDS, 'Countdown to Zero'

In it, VICE co-founders Shane Smith and Suroosh Alvi talk to the patients, policymakers, activists, clinicians, and researchers leading the international charge for an AIDS-free world.
VICE Staff
Holy Shit

Get Stabbed, Die, and Go to Heaven in the Video for "On" by Deaf Wish

Deaf Wish share the video for "On" today as their LP 'Pain' comes out on SubPop.
Noisey Staff
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Dada Life’s Olle Cornéer Unveils Experimental Side Project Under Night Gestalt Alias

On his forthcoming album, 'One,' the banana-slinging Swede is reaching back into a darker part of his career (and life) to unearth a project that’s far more IDM than EDM. View the video for “The Death of SHE” now.
David Garber
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Watch Holy Ghost! (and an Adorable Studio Puppy) Recreate Their First Ever Remix

The Brooklyn duo invited us into their gearopolis of a studio for a journey through the remix they cut their teeth on nearly a decade ago.
David Garber
Motherboard Blog

Computer Chips Will Be "Invisible" Thanks to Those Wonderful Carbon Nanotubes

By their very nature, microchips are little bitty things, but scientists wants to make them downright invisible – and they’re getting pretty close!
Adam Clark Estes

Channel One Still Smoke The Herb And Party All Night

And they're still going to beat the young guns at Red Bull's Culture Clash.
Alex Donovan
Motherboard Blog

Ones and Zeros 4/25: Guantanamo got Wikileaked, Beijing's got music censors, and you can't get away from Apple

_Julian Assange is the Easter bunny of government secrets, and your iPhone's got some Easter eggs too._ h3. ZERO: Guantanamo Bay secrets "WikiLeaked": and yeah, it's really bad ("Guardian":
Ones Zeros
Motherboard Blog

Ones and Zeros 4/18/11: Hologram Fashion Shows and Other Things We Need To Know About

h3. Zero: Beijing's Hologram FAshion show Why, you ask with shock and disgust. It's not that China doesn't have enough models. It's just, why bother with real stuff when you can do it all virtual, with the British pop-rock band Keane doing the...
Ones Zeros
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Ones and Zeros: Mosquito STDs, Facebook Sex, Female Porn Addicts

_Some of the exciting and some of the depressing from the past week._ h3. zero: *MUSIC INDUSTRY'S CHART SHOWING LIFE WITHOUT NAPSTER* ("Mashable":
Ones Zeros