French Onion Soup Recipe

French onion soup is just an excuse to eat straight up melted cheese and we are totally okay with that.


Fried Chicken, Potatoes, and Peppers Recipe

The secret to this dish? Fry everything. Hey, we didn't say it was healthy, but it tastes good AF.


Hash Brown Casserole Recipe

This is nothing but processed goodness: cheddar cheese, canned soup, and hash browns all baked together in a bubbly casserole.


Chicken-Fried Wagyu Steak Recipe

Is this a desecration of Wagyu? Maybe. But that doesn't mean it's not ridiculously delicious, especially alongside fancier blue-box mac 'n' cheese.


Chicken Pot-cciatore Recipe

Hearty chicken cacciatore gets turnt up with onions, cremini mushrooms, black and green olives, a dash of wine, and weed.


How-To: Make Borek with Action Bronson and His Aunt

Watch as Mr. Wonderful and his aunt teach you how to make borek, a stuffed puff pastry pie of sorts that she fills with sautéed ground beef and onion.


Chickpeas and Chorizo Recipe

The best thing about this dish? You can adapt it based on whatever is lying around in your pantry or fridge.


Users Freak Out After Dark Web Market Goes Down And Funds Go Missing

Never a dull moment in the world of dark web marketplaces.


Chicken Finger Sub Recipe

It's Matty Matheson's favorite so you know this shit is f-ing good.


Two Incredible Dishes That Can Literally Be Cooked in a Campfire

Lee Desroisers of Achilles Heel teaches us to make the ultimate outdoor meal: toast topped with fresh green tomatoes, herbs, and chicken fat; and homemade lamb sausage with charred spring onions.


Chilaquiles with Roasted Tomato Salsa Recipe

Crack an egg on top and you've got yourself breakfast.


This Juicy Braised Chicken Is So Easy Even You Can Make It

There’s nothing fancy about braised chicken, but it tastes really fucking good, so who cares?