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Expert Advice on How to Deal with Online Harassment

You deserve to feel safe on social media.
Anna Goldfarb
Social Media

The Ugly Evolution of Cyberbullying

How we progressed from passive-aggressive Myspace bulletins to kids creating two Instagram profiles—one for their friends, another for their bullies.
Hannah Ewens

Kevin Smith Will Keep Making Movies Whether You Like It or Not

"I have experience with making something that the world doesn't fucking dig."
Larry Fitzmaurice

How to Stamp Out Trolls and Make the Internet a Safer Place

To some unfortunate users, the internet is a minefield of harassment and hatred. But there are steps we can take to make it a lot friendlier.
Mike Diver
The VICE Guide to Making 2016 Better Than 2015

​How to Make Online Discourse Less of a Trash Fire in 2016

Don't blame everything on the trolls—it's everyone's fault that the internet is such a mess.
Sam Wolfson
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Islamophobia Is on the Rise in London, with Hate Crimes Up 70 Percent Since Last Year

New figures show that veiled women face the highest risk of violent crime.
Sirin Kale
VICE vs Video games

Merry Christmas, GamerGate

Only four or so months ago, GamerGate didn't even really exist. But at the end of 2014, it feels like that's all the year's been about.
Mike Diver

Trolls Are Boycotting Australian Companies Because They Don’t Understand What Halal Is

There's a deluded Facebook campaign being waged by people who think that a halal certification means that a cookie company supports terrorism.
Wendy Syfret

Do We Have to Worry About Someone Actually Killing or Raping a Feminist Activist?

To understand more about what’s been going on in the world of online feminist bashing, I spoke with David Futrelle, who has tracked anti-feminism and the Men’s Rights Movement on his blog We Hunted the Mammoth.
Chris Köver
Here Be Dragons

Let's Face It: the Web Is a Worse Place for Women Than It Is for Men

One of the great myths about online abuse is that it’s pretty much the same for men and women. While male journalists writing about controversial subjects get plenty of abuse too, the sexualized, "you’re a whore" tone taken with women is different, and...
Martin Robbins