online abuse


Game Companies Can Serve Communities or Customers, But Rarely Both

An ex-moderator explains how company policies and procedures protect the worst abusers at the expense of players and employees.


'I'm Choosing to Live Again': Anita Sarkeesian on Surviving Online Abuse

Anita Sarkeesian, who has been the target of vicious and coordinated online attacks since Gamergate, sits down with host Amanda Knox to discuss how she handles harassment today for The Scarlet Letter Reports.


Expert Advice on How to Deal with Online Harassment

You deserve to feel safe on social media.


Twitter Slammed for Launching 'Tone-Deaf' Oscars Ad Celebrating Women

Many users pointed out that the social media giant has been historically all too averse to fixing the ongoing harassment of women on the site.


Modi might be the only world leader whose Twitter use is more problematic than Trump’s

“It’s being used to create a divide in the social fabric of this country, and that’s extremely dangerous.”


The Ugly Evolution of Cyberbullying

How we progressed from passive-aggressive Myspace bulletins to kids creating two Instagram profiles—one for their friends, another for their bullies.


How Celebrity Social Media Managers Handle the Alt-Right Abusing Their Clients

Leslie Jones and Fifth Harmony are among the stars who were harassed by members of the sexist, racist fringe political group on social media.


This 14-Year-Old Girl Is Suing Facebook Over Revenge Porn

Facebook must answer to claims that it failed to prevent an indecent image of an underage girl from appearing repeatedly on its site, a Northern Ireland judge ruled this week. An internet safety expert weighs in on the case.


Kevin Smith Will Keep Making Movies Whether You Like It or Not

"I have experience with making something that the world doesn't fucking dig."


Teen Girls Are Roasting Boys Online in New Cyberbullying Trend

Inspired by the notorious "Roast Me" Reddit forum, teenagers are now bullying each other under the guise of crushing honesty.


How to Stamp Out Trolls and Make the Internet a Safer Place

To some unfortunate users, the internet is a minefield of harassment and hatred. But there are steps we can take to make it a lot friendlier.


​How to Make Online Discourse Less of a Trash Fire in 2016

Don't blame everything on the trolls—it's everyone's fault that the internet is such a mess.