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Hacker Banner Ads Are Totally Wild

While the advertising industry generally moved away from banner adverts, they’re still very much alive, well, and kicking on cybercrime forums.
Joseph Cox
Funding The Web

The Creator of JavaScript Just Launched a Cryptocurrency to Improve Online Ads

Brendan Eich and the team behind the Brave web browser want to change the way advertisers, publishers and consumers connect.
Corin Faife

Four reasons the Cleveland killing won’t change Facebook

Noah Kulwin
short circuit

After Yahoo Deal, Verizon Faces Uphill Battle Against Google, Facebook

Verizon isn’t going to become an online advertising titan overnight.
Sam Gustin

Rise of Ad Blocking Is the Ad Industry's Fault, Says Outgoing FTC Commissioner

Julie Brill says consumers are ‘taking matters into their own hands’ after the ad industry crippled the ill-fated Do Not Track program.
Janus Rose
Motherboard Blog

Sorry, Ad-Blocking Will Not Be Built Into Microsoft Edge

Contrary to earlier reports, the default web browser for Windows 10 will not be able to block ads right out of the gate.
Nicholas Deleon

Verizon Is Still Tracking Customers Across the Web Without Consent

The FCC slaps Verizon on the wrist for using invasive “supercookies,” but a loophole will allow its mission to monetize paying customers will continue.
Janus Rose
short circuit

How Online Advertisers Will Guilt Trip You Into Disabling Your Ad-Blocker

Online advertisers are proposing a truce of sorts between publishers and people who use ad-blockers.
Nicholas Deleon
short circuit

Even Mobile Telecom Operators Are Ad-Blockers Now

A few countries’ worth of ad views, just gone.
Clinton Nguyen
All Fronts

Weapons of Mass Persuasion

Online advertising has allowed governments and political entities to weaponize the marketplace of ideas. Is there anything we can do about it?
Tim Hwang
short circuit

Chrome Will Soon Save You from Autoplaying Flash Videos

Better battery life is Google’s main goal in blocking autoplaying Flash videos.
Nicholas Deleon
short circuit

Another Reason to Use an Ad Blocker: Malvertising Has Tripled This Year

It's dangerous to go online alone.
Nicholas Deleon