online censorship


Hong Kong protesters tell us why this might be their “last chance” to defy Beijing

“This time, I realized that I really had to do something.”


Google CEO Says No Plan to ‘Launch’ Censored Search Engine in China

In a hearing with the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai kept saying the company has no plans right now to launch a search product in China. But that response leaves plenty of room to launch when it does want to.


Venezuela just took a huge step toward controlling all access to the Internet

It's "one of their boldest internet censorship actions to date.”


Turkey Has Blocked Wikipedia and Is Censoring Twitter

President Erdoğan's crackdown on voices of dissent is expanding to the internet.


Turks Are Flocking to Tor After Government Orders Block of Anti-Censorship Tools

As usual, online censorship seems to have a “Streisand effect” for tools that allow netizens to circumvent blocks.


Researchers Accuse Canadian Internet Company of Helping Yemen Censor the Web

Citizen Lab says the Houthi rebels got help from Netsweeper to censor news and political websites.


Why the US Government Is Investing Millions in Internet Freedom Technologies

In post-Snowden era, the US tries more of the same.


A Page on Hashish Prompts Russia to Block, Then Unblock Wikipedia

Russia continues its weird online war on drugs.


Russia Moves to Block Reddit, Because Weed

The russian internet regulator wants to ban Reddit because of a thread on growing marijuana.


Alphabet (Formerly Known as Google) Is Already Blocked in China

Chinese censors didn’t waste any time blocking access to the site of Google’s new parent company.