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Netflix France Had Narcos Actors Say ‘There Are Bullets’ for People Who Pirate the Show

The streaming service produced a not-so-funny video for French audiences.
Louise Matsakis

Australian Internet Providers Will Have to Name People Who Pirated 'Dallas Buyers Club'

The identities of some 4,700 account holders will be given up to the film's owners.
Girard Dorney

Here's a List of the Best Pirate Bay Alternatives, Courtesy of the US Government

A name-and-shame list also serves as what’s possibly the best list of piracy websites available online.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

A Movie Company Spent Big on Both Sides of Australian Politics

Village Roadshow donated more than $500,000 to both political parties in the hope someone will help them stop you stealing TV shows.
Denham Sadler
Searching for Music at the AVNs

A Conversation About Online Piracy with the Guy Who Wants You to Pay for Porn

Spoiler alert: just like you should pay for your music, you should pay for your porn.
Drew Millard

Piracy Sites Are Still Making Millions In Advertising Revenue

According to a new study: $227 million in 2013, to be exact.
Yannick LeJacq
Motherboard Blog

Sweet Irony: How Piracy Leads to More Hit Music

A new study found that file-sharing helping promote the very thing copyright is supposed to protect.
Meghan Neal
Motherboard Blog

UK Internet Service Providers Are Blocking Streaming Sites

But it won't stop people getting their movies and TV shows for free.
Victoria Turk
Motherboard Blog

Google Is Still the Copyright Lobby's Favorite Anti-Piracy Punching Bag

The content lobby’s been throwing extra-fierce punches the search giant’s way lately, and today the British government stepped up to join it for a swing.
Meghan Neal