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TikTok, the App Super Popular With Kids, Has a Nudes Problem

TikTok is seen as being child-friendly. But a section of the social media platform is dedicated to hunting for nude images from its underage users.
Joseph Cox

Google Chrome Made a Small UI Tweak, and People Are Freaking Out

A new feature on the latest version of the Chrome browser led some security and privacy experts to think Google is now secretly logging users into Chrome to surreptitiously track their browsing habits.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

A Data Dominatrix Showed Us How Our Online Privacy Is Violated

Mistress Harley says if you don't want to be exposed, don't let your internet browser save your passwords.
Alison Sinkewicz
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Trump's NAFTA Renegotiations Could Put Canadians' Personal Data At Risk

Canada and the US will soon start working towards a new deal.
Jacob Dubé

This Guy Phished Over 50 Women Just to Violate Their Privacy

Sometimes, the threat may not be all that technologically sophisticated, but hackers can still grab a wealth of personal information from a victim.
Joseph Cox
The Long Goodbye

The Scammy VPN We Investigated Has Disappeared From the Internet

Thus concludes, perhaps, this bizarre saga.
Nicholas Deleon
What Is Even Happening

I’ve Somehow Become Embroiled In a Byzantine VPN Scam

Does not compute.
Nicholas Deleon
Truth And Consequences

Internet Activists Plot 2018 Electoral Revenge Against Republican Privacy Sellouts

Coming soon to a GOP district near you: Street protests, billboards, and online organizing campaigns.
Sam Gustin
That Escalated Quickly

Phony VPN Services Are Cashing in on America's War on Privacy

Nicholas Deleon
Https everywhere

Pornhub And YouPorn Are Adding Support for HTTPS Encryption

Browse like no one's watching.
Joseph Cox

'Our Society's Deep Sexual Dysfunction': Why It's So Hard to Stop Revenge Porn

Shortly after a revenge porn scandal rocked the Marines, reports surfaced that hackers had stolen and posted private images from female celebrities—exactly one year after a man was charged for the exact same thing. Why is it so hard to deter depraved...
Jessica Meiselman
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Trump’s FCC May Let ISPs Sell Your Private Data Without Your Consent

ISPs like Comcast and AT&T want Republicans to roll back FCC “opt-in” data privacy protections.
Sam Gustin