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How Grammy nominee Brent Faiyaz is building his career off streaming

"One day somebody will give me 20 million dollars to do it and to keep doing it," he said.


Blockbuster Video has become an Alaskan tourist attraction

6 of the remaining 10 Blockbusters are located in Alaska, where streaming online is very expensive.


There Is a Subtle Power Struggle for Control of Music Metadata

The word "metadata" requires the presence of another entity to which the data at hand refers. Increasingly, it now points toward the listener instead of toward whatever they're listening to.


New Study Suggests That Streaming Services Slightly Encourage Record Sales

The numbers are far from unequivocally strong but they're there nonetheless.


Brandon Wardell's Guide to Sex with Millennials

Through my guidance, you, millennial, will remember what it's like to feel the loving embrace of another human and enjoy some real-life sexual intercourse.


Virtual VCR Brings VHS Quality to YouTube Music Videos

Jean-Christophe Naour's 'VHS' streams music videos from YouTube in an uninterrupted stream filtered through the aesthetics of VHS.


Here's How You Can Screen All the Oscar-Nominated Short Films Online

Check out 'HELIUM,' the 2014 Academy Award winner for Best Live Action Short, alongside Vimeo On Demand's release of the 2015 Oscar® Nominated Shorts Collection.


Netflix's Plans to Take Over the World

The company's shareholder letter revealed some surprising tidbits.