Op Art


CGI Wizardry and Paint Make This Trippy Music Video

Davy Evans directs a moody music video for XamVolo.


These Meticulous Still Lifes Are Our Apartment Goals

Casey Gray’s trompe l'oeil still lifes go on display at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco.


These Kaleidoscopic Paintings Look Like Optical Illusions

Evie Zimmer's hypnotizing works unleash a world of drippy, trippy psychedelia.


Obscure Mathematics Make Max Cooper's Music Video Mesmerizing

"There's just something so divine about that law, it's just so primal and insanely complicated. Almost like the soul of everything. It just feels spiritual to me."


Gorgeous Op Art GIFs Make the Human Body Vibrate

Waveforms meet the female form in these mind-bending GIFs.


Optical Art Patterns Bring a New London Landmark to Life

Conrad Shawcross' 'The Optic Cloak' applies Vorticism and moiré patterns to coat an industrial chimney.


Is This a Circle or a Square?

Ladies and gentlemen, the "Ambiguous Cylinder Optical Illusion."


Black-and-White Op Art Visualizes Energy, Oscillations, and Frequencies

Aleksander Drakulic's visuals take inspiration from modern science and classical geometry.


David Shrigley Turns His Absurd Comic Eye to 1960s Op Art

The British artist subverts the sleek designs of Op art with his hand-drawn style.


What These Artists Do with Ballpoint Pens Is Unreal

Artists Kai & Sunny turn straight lines into straight-up hypnotic artworks.


Live Video Editing App Turns the World into Op Art

GeometriCam lets you remix images and live video to create abstract and glitchy compositions.


Turns Out 1960s Yugoslavia Was a Hotbed for Computer Art

Unfolding the story of New Tendencies, the avant-garde movement you've never heard of that championed the arrival of the computer in art.