• 1.25.19

      This Ancient Insect Is Preserved Inside an Iridescent Opal

      The bug might have been trapped in amber that became “opalized” over millions of years.

    • 11.1.06

      Twenty-six Feet Under

      People who live in Coober Pedy make city kids look like pampered assholes. Life in the outback is often harsher than a straight-up hash pipe, and death is something that you tend to become pretty familiar with.

    • 11.1.06

      Sound Underground

      I took some time off after compulsory military service in Greece about 34 years ago and came to visit my uncle in Coober Pedy. He told me how easy it was to find opal.

    • 11.1.06

      The Coober Pedy Issue

      For this issue of VICE we spent a week living in the amazing contradiction of an outback town that is Coober Pedy.

    • 11.1.06

      Thick Skins

      We met Rhino one night at The United Bar. Over a dozen Bourbon and Coke's and a Jager shot or two, we found him to be a truly agreeable and pleasant dude.

    • 11.1.06

      Lucky Miner

      I've been mining for 25 years and although times are generally pretty hard about two months ago I found an opal worth about one quarter of a million dollars. I've shown it to everybody and no one has seen opal like this. I'm still celebrating!

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