operation inherent resolve


US special forces are helping Turkey clear out ISIS strongholds in Syria

Americans will now be fighting alongside both the Turkish military and Kurdish militias in its bid to push the Islamic State further south.


Islamic State Said to Gruesomely Execute Dozens in Witch Hunt for Drone Strike Spies

The bodies of suspected informants are often displayed publicly, and some people have reportedly been killed by being dropped into a vat of acid.


US-led Coalition Airstrikes Have Killed at Least 380 Civilians in Syria, Rights Group Says

The monitoring group said that it had documented these deaths, including 99 children and 67 women, among a total of 4,643 mortalities resulting from Operation Inherent Resolve.


The US-led Coalition Bombed the University of Mosul for Being an Islamic State Headquarters

The functioning university was bombed as part of a massive daytime barrage against the Islamic State-occupied city of Mosul in Iraq over the weekend. The Pentagon said it is reviewing reports of civilian deaths.


Islamic State Chemical Weapons Attack Said to Injure 600 and Kill 3-Year-Old Girl in Iraq

Hundreds of people have reportedly fled their homes in the small town of Taza, near Kirkuk in northern Iraq, after the Islamic State launched two attacks using chemical weapons.


The Great Wall of Jordan: How the US Wants to Keep the Islamic State Out

The king of Jordan and Barack Obama are meeting to talk about the war against the Islamic State. In the meantime, the US is spending a lot of money to keep that war out of Jordan.


Video Shows 'Millions' Worth of Islamic State Cash Go Up in Smoke in US Airstrike

The US military says it bombed a warehouse near the Iraqi city of Mosul that contained millions of dollars used by the Islamic State to fund its operations.


How the US Military's Fight Against the Islamic State Became 'Operation Inherent Resolve'

America's military campaign against the Islamic State was initially set to be called Operation Iraqi Unity — but documents obtained by VICE News show why that name was rejected.


Why The Hell Did Turkey Shoot Down a Russian Fighter Jet?

The Turkish Air Force just shot down a Russian fighter jet. Syria is such a big mess that, its a wonder this hasn't happened sooner; now there's no telling what comes next.


France Just Can't Put Enough Boots on the Ground to Wipe Out the Islamic State

The powerful French military can do serious damage to IS, and do so in spectacular fashion. But winning a ground war against a brutal insurgency would be a very different story.


Kurdish Fighters Seize Chunk of Strategic Territory From Islamic State Near Kirkuk

The Kurds have been fiercely defending the city of Kirkuk since last summer, holding ground that they insist they will never surrender to the Islamic State terror insurgency.


Source: Islamic State Attacks Iraq’s Biggest Oil Refinery With Suicide Bombers and Car Bombs

A small contingent of Iraqi security forces personnel are battling an Islamic State onslaught at the Baiji oil refinery north of Baghdad.