Operation Pacifier


FBI Denies Making Dark Web Child Porn Site Run Faster

A defense lawyer had claimed that the FBI improved the performance of a dark web child pornography site during their operations.


Lawyer: Dark Web Child Porn Site Ran Better When It Was Taken Over by the FBI

A defense lawyer argues the FBI made child porn site 'Playpen' faster and therefore more popular.


FBI's Mass Hack Hit 50 Computers in Austria

Revelations that the 'Operation Pacifier' child porn investigation extended to Austria too shows the extent of the FBI's reach overseas.


Dozens of Lawyers Across the US Fight the FBI's Mass Hacking Campaign

Over 70 lawyers in cases related to the FBI's child porn sting are pooling their efforts in a “national working group.”


​Pressure Mounts on FBI To Reveal Tor Browser Exploit

More lawyers argue for information on an exploit the FBI used in a dark web child porn bust.


Second Judge Argues Evidence From FBI Mass Hack Should Be Thrown Out

There's controversy over whether the warrant the FBI used to search suspects' computers is valid.


​FBI: Hacking Tool Only Targeted Child Porn Visitors

An FBI agent involved in the investigation of Playpen says that the hacking tool used was more limited in scope than some may have believed.


Child Porn Sting Goes Global: FBI Hacked Computers in Denmark, Greece, Chile

"Operation Pacifier" is larger in scope than most anyone believed.