America's overdose crisis keeps getting worse. Fentanyl isn’t the only drug to blame.

Deaths caused by the synthetic opioid doubled every year from 2013 to 2016, a new study found.


Trump's answer to the opioid crisis is $57,000 and "Just say no"

After nearly two and a half months of failing to follow through on his pledge to declare a national state of emergency in response to the opioid crisis, President Donald Trump is finally taking action. Sort of.


Oregon to Make Heroin and Coke Possession a Misdemeanor

If Governor Kate Brown signs the approved bill into law, it would give first-time offenders with small amounts of drugs less jail time and lower fines.


Your Last Prescription Might Just Be a Guess

A new study finds that 16 percent of off-label antidepressant use is backed by actual research.


Sex, Drugs, and Music Are All the Same to Your Brain

A pill that blocks a drug high ruins music enjoyment, too.


How doctors and big pharma helped create North America's fentanyl crisis

Fentanyl has been responsible for hundreds of deaths in recent years, and it shows no sign of abating. Some doctors have been warning about this for years.


Criminals Are Flooding Vermont to Trade Guns for Heroin

The opioid addiction crisis is the latest headache for New England officials trying to stop interstate gun trafficking.


Fentanyl Is Now Killing More People in Ontario Than Any Other Opiate

Data shows that one in four opiate-related ODs in Canada's most populous province in 2014 were caused by fentanyl.


Montreal is Experiencing a Rash of Fatal Overdoses and No One Knows Why

At least 56 overdoses linked to the intake of street drugs, including heroin and cocaine, have been reported in Montreal since May—18 of whi


Montreal Is Experiencing a Rash of Fatal Overdoses and No One Knows Why

Montreal’s drug traffic has been going through big shifts after one of the local mafias running the trade saw its leader disappear. Some think the bad batch of drugs circulating through the city could have come from inexperienced dealers taking...