Heroin Overdose Parties Are a Dehumanizing Myth

“Narcan parties” are just another part of the narrative that vilifies people who use the drugs our nation has chosen to criminalize.
Elizabeth Brico
Opioid Crisis

The billionaire family behind OxyContin is finally having its moment of reckoning​

More than 500 cities, counties, and Native American tribes just slapped the Sackler family with another lawsuit.
Emma Ockerman
Opioid Crisis

Pharma reps bragged about opioid sales in parody video of A$AP Rocky’s “Fuckin’ Problems”

"I got new patients, yeah, I got a lot of ‘em."
Emma Ockerman
Unites States of Addiction

What It's Like to Detox in Jail

The small, communal toilet was in the corner of the pod, enclosed by a short stall that did nothing to keep the smell of diarrhea, vomit, and blood from overtaking the unit.
Elizabeth Brico
Death Penalty

The first person ever is about to be executed with fentanyl — and it’s not Scott Dozier

The title has shifted to 60-year-old Carey Dean Moore, who’s been on death row in Nebraska for nearly four decades.
Emma Ockerman
Opioid Crisis

What you need to know about tianeptine, the unapproved anti-depressant that's poisoning some people

The CDC has reported an uptick in the number of calls related to tianeptine received by poison control centers.
Emma Ockerman
Vice News Tonight

Iowans are trying to legalize an underground needle exchange

Cases of hepatitis C in Iowa are up 375 percent
Cassandra Giraldo
united states of addiction

People Are Sticking Needles in Their Ears to Treat Addiction

Acudetox is finding its place in a small but growing number of addiction treatment centers around the country.
Meryl Davids Landau
Death Penalty

Nevada is keeping its fentanyl execution plan a secret

Taylor Dolven
Opioid Crisis

These states drastically underreport opioid overdoses, study says

A new study, published Monday in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, suggests that deadly overdoses involving opioids could be even more common.
Carter Sherman
Vice News Tonight

Inside the first court designed to keep opioid addicts alive

Antonia Hylton
War on Drugs

Uh-oh, Jeff Sessions found out about the dark web

The U.S. attorney general has found what he considers a new target: the dark web.
David Gilbert