Heroin Overdose Parties Are a Dehumanizing Myth

“Narcan parties” are just another part of the narrative that vilifies people who use the drugs our nation has chosen to criminalize.
Elizabeth Brico
Unites States of Addiction

What It's Like to Detox in Jail

The small, communal toilet was in the corner of the pod, enclosed by a short stall that did nothing to keep the smell of diarrhea, vomit, and blood from overtaking the unit.
Elizabeth Brico
united states of addiction

People Are Sticking Needles in Their Ears to Treat Addiction

Acudetox is finding its place in a small but growing number of addiction treatment centers around the country.
Meryl Davids Landau
The VICE Guide to Right Now

More People Died from Overdoses in 2014 Than Car Crashes, Says Report

A new report from the US surgeon general studying America's drug epidemic found that 21 million people are currently struggling with substance abuse.
Lauren Messman

This Tiny Implant May Disrupt America’s Opioid Addiction Problem

Think of it like a microscopic IV with no physical traces.
Luke Winkie

What It’s Like to Take Opioids for Pain

Read an excerpt from Carlyn Zwarenstein's 'Opium Eater: The New Confessions' about a writer's struggle with opiates to cure her chronic pain.
Carlyn Zwarenstein

'DOPESICK: Fentanyl's Deadly Grip' Dives Deep Inside Canada's Opioid Crisis

On June 22, VICE will air the immersive and personal feature film about Canada's fentanyl crisis told from the perspective of a social network of drug users.
VICE Staff
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Prince's People Reportedly Called an Addiction Doctor the Night Before He Died

The late singer was scheduled to meet with the doc the day after he was found dead, according to a local paper.
Helen Donahue
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​British Columbia Has Declared a Public Health Emergency over Drug Overdoses

The province saw nearly 500 deaths from drug overdose in 2015, a 30 percent rise from the year before. The main driver behind the rise appears to be the opioid fentanyl.
Jake Kivanc

Can Locking Up Pill-Pushing Doctors Put an End to Prescription Drug Abuse?

Last week, Dr. Lisa Tseng was found guilty of second-degree murder for writing prescriptions that led to patient overdoses. But it's not clear that punishing doctors will help addicts in need.
Jennifer Swann

A Drug that Reverses Opioid Overdoses Is About to Be Sold Over-the-Counter in Australia

Easier access to naloxone could lead to a sizable decrease in opioid-related deaths.
Paul Gregoire
Motherboard Blog

The Brain Takes Rejection Like Physical Pain

Natural painkillers are released by being spurned, even if it's just by a fake dating profile in a lab.
Ben Richmond