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Why Cycling Banned This Incredibly Addictive "Safer" OxyContin

Tramadol was marketed for years as a milder and safer alternative to OxyContin and Hydrocontin. But cyclists discovered it's just as addictive
Maeva Bambuck
The Burnout and Escapism Issue

Searching for a Cure

A recovering opioid addict puts his faith in toad venom.
Byron Smith
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Kratom is helping this heroin-user break his 6-year addiction

Seth Dalton
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How to get a baby — and a mom — off heroin

Pregnant women hooked on opioids face an impossible choice: Go cold turkey and risk relapse, or continue taking meds that may cause their babies to be born addicted.
Keegan Hamilton
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After decades of letting students with addictions fend for themselves, colleges are starting to help

After decades of fending for themselves, college students with addiction are finally starting to get help from their schools.
Carter Sherman
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The best opioid addiction treatment is more opioids

Why treating opioid addiction with other opioids isn’t a paradox.
Emma Fidel
Leslie Xia
Chelsey B. Coombs
Gabriel Connelly
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There's no reliable guide to which rehab treatments work

Addiction is complicated. So is choosing a rehab program.
Kathleen Caulderwood
Opioid Crisis

Live: Ex-Surgeon General Vivek Murthy speaks on the opioid epidemic

Keegan Hamilton

Photos of My Brother Overcoming His Opioid Addiction

Amid an overdose crisis in Vancouver, photographer Jackie Dives has documented years of her brother’s drug use and recovery.
Jackie Dives

Ohio lawsuit reveals jaw-dropping stats about the opioid crisis

Keegan Hamilton
deaths of despair

Opioid Addiction Is Eroding the Life Expectancy of Trump's Core Supporters

Two Princeton economists show it’s a complex problem with no simple solution, but curbing opioids would help.
Kaleigh Rogers

China's ban on carfentanil may not keep the deadly elephant tranquilizer out of the U.S.

Carter Sherman