opioid epidemic


Trump’s Drug Officials Warn of Looming Legal Chaos if Congress Doesn’t Ban Fentanyl Lookalikes

“We are running out of time, and if a solution isn’t found, prosecutors will undoubtedly be hindered, and drug traffickers will undoubtedly be helped”
Greg Walters

The Grace, Joys, and Sadnesses of 'Roma'

Plus, some upsetting new information about the way Oxycontin was marketed.
Rob Zacny
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The opioid epidemic has a "silver lining" that's saving lives

A record-high uptick in organs available for donation could be the one good thing to come out of the crisis.
Billie Brownstein Nauer

What an Addiction Doctor Wants You to Know About Treating Addiction

Some advice on how best to support your loved ones.
Shayla Love
life expectancy

U.S. life expectancy is in an alarming decline. Here's why.

"Deaths of despair" are driving the longest period of declining life expectancy for Americans in 100 years
Emma Ockerman

How Corrupt Rehab Facilities Cash in on Relapses

A sober home owner explains the dark side of the recovery industry.
Sarah Bellman
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This OxyContin Salesman of the Year doesn’t regret his work

He also takes opioids to manage his own debilitating back pain.
Dexter Thomas
opioid epidemic

Facebook Needs to Do More to Stop the Online Opioid Market, Says FDA Chief

Scott Gottlieb, the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, called on social media sites and internet service providers to crack down on the online drug trade.
Kaleigh Rogers
Opioid Crisis

A Native American tribe is using traditional culture to fight addiction

Drug court participants find a way back into the community.
Zeke Spector

China raids fentanyl factory but remains silent on wanted kingpins

A key official says the U.S. hasn’t done enough to convince China to take action on the two kingpins.
Keegan Hamilton
opioid epidemic

Exclusive: China won't arrest two fentanyl kingpins wanted by U.S.

Speaking exclusively to VICE News, Chinese officials say the U.S. hasn't provided "solid evidence" of a crime
Keegan Hamilton
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It Doesn't Take a Genius to Solve the Opioid Crisis

Solutions to this deadly disaster are clear, and America needs a new coalition to address it—maybe even one that includes Kellyanne "Alternative Facts" Conway.
Maia Szalavitz