Opportunity Rover


NASA Releases Opportunity Rover’s Final Panoramic View of Mars

Opportunity spent its final months building this panorama of its location, which is now its gravesite.


NASA’s Mars Opportunity Rover Is Dead

Mission leads have not heard from Oppy since it was caught in a massive dust storm last June. On Wednesday, NASA announced that it had died.


NASA’s Opportunity Rover Is Battling for Its Life in an Epic Martian Dust Storm

Opportunity has driven farther and lived longer than any interplanetary rover. But can it survive one of the most intense dust storms ever observed on Mars?


The Case of the Opportunity Rover and the Mysteriously Appearing Martian Rock

Probably not evidence of meddlesome Martian youth, but still.


The Latest Sign of Life on Mars: Balls

NASA's not quite sure what to think of a curious geological phenomenon that the aging Opportunity Rover came across last week on Mars. The formation looks like a rash of tiny spheres, each about three millimeters in diameter, but scientists have no...