Organ donors

Organ Donation

This is What It's Like to Wait For an Organ Donation

We talked to eight people on the ever-growing list.
Nick Keppler
Organ Donation

Should Patients Be Denied Organ Transplants for Using Medical Marijuana?

Maine is reviewing the law.
Nick Keppler
Organ Donation

Why Black People Don't Want to Donate Their Organs

It's hard to make a case for the altruism in organ donation when our medical system has historically not been altruistic to us.
Patia Braithwaite
Organ Donation

HIV-Positive Organ Donors Are Now Able to Save Lives

With the advent of the first HIV-positive to HIV-positive organ transplants in America this year, 500 to 2,000 new donors will be generated annually.
Matt Terrell

A Shortage of Legitimate Donors Is Fuelling the Black Market Organ Trade

As Wales becomes the latest country to make organ donation opt-out, the illegal organ trade continues around the world.
Rich Wordsworth

California Has Finally Stopped Denying Organ Transplants to Medical Marijuana Users

California is just the seventh state to pass a law that protects medical marijuana patients from being removed from organ transplant lists.
Gillian Mohney

The Myth of Holiday Heart Transplants

Despite what your doctor may think, Christmas is not the best time to ask for an organ.
JoAnna Klein

Why Is it Legal for Rich Foreigners to Come to America for Organ Transplants?

Foreign nationals jetting to the United States solely to shell out cash for organ transplants is a growing problem, according to some advocates active in the donor transplant game.
Sonja Sharp