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Obama’s Organic Ruling Will Greatly Improve the Welfare of Farm Animals

The ASPCA says: “This historic move by the USDA marks the first comprehensive set of regulations governing the on-farm treatment of animals ever issued by the federal government."
Alex Swerdloff

This Chef Wants You to Come to Ibiza for Cauliflower, Not Clubbing

“Everyone’s like, ‘Yeah, let’s go raving’ or whatever. I don’t even notice the clubs.”
Johanna Derry

Why an Indian State Is Paying Farmers to Go Organic

One couple in Goa is using permaculture and other organic farming techniques to revive their land.
Revati Upadhya

Think You Know Wheat? Think Again

The flavor, texture, and overall complexity of heirloom wheat flours are staggering compared to conventional ones. Why aren't we eating more local varieties?
Javier Cabral
Organic farming

Why That 'Organic' Label Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

Thanks to current USDA rules, factory farms that label their meat and eggs "organic" tend to look just like their non-organic counterparts. Sources who spoke with MUNCHIES estimate that less than 10 percent of organic factory farm chickens ever see the...
Tom Perkins
Organic farming

This Man Is Helping the Entire Country of Bhutan Go Organic

From 2008 to 2013, Dr. Appachanda Thimmaiah served as the organic agriculture consultant to Bhutan and set in motion a plan to turn the whole country organic by 2020. Spoiler alert: The secret is cow piss.
Clarissa Wei

These PSAs from the 80s Are More Relevant and Powerful Than Ever

In the 80s, Jim Mckay, Tom Gilroy, and Michael Stipe produced a series of powerful PSAs that turned the often stale, conservative-leaning genre of ads on its head.
Messiah Rhodes

Many "Organic" Eggs Are Coming from Cramped, Miserable Hens

Many organic eggs come from birds packed into large warehouses along with tens of thousands of other birds—and they rarely get outdoors, if ever.
Alex Swerdloff
Organic farming

The Epicenter of Organic Farming Is India, Not Berkeley

Chemical-free agriculture isn't limited to America's carefully tended rooftop gardens. In fact, it's the world’s developing nations that are leading the way in organics.
Lauren Rothman
Organic farming

Turns Out Boring Old Lentils Are Surprisingly Radical

During the 1980s farming crisis, a group of renegade Heartland farmers radicalized conventional agriculture with one surprising crop: lentils.
Lauren Rothman

Organic Farming Isn't Just a Bougie Ideal

It's long been assumed that chemical-intensive conventional farming is the best way to feed large numbers of people. But a new study shows that organic is more than just crunchy: it's productive, too.
Lauren Rothman

Organic Farming Is Going to Save You Money

You’re paying to insure crops right now, so why not pay to insure the hardiest possible crops?
Ben Richmond