Desus & Mero

Excellently Catered Sex Parties Are Wreaking Havoc on This Colorado Suburb

These suburbanites put a whole new twist on the phrase "love thy neighbor."
Sarah Bellman

What Goes Through Your Mind When You're Caught Cheating

From sex-club orgies to office flirtations, we hear from five philanderers who have been caught in the act by their partners.
Amelia Abraham

How Cookies, Lube, and Human Immolation Fuel San Francisco's Best All-Female Orgy

Girlpile teaches us how to throw a girls-only sex party nonpareil.
Anna Pulley

I Celebrated My Honeymoon at Berghain's Notorious Gay Sex Club

Lab.Oratory is a place where gay sex knows few limits—a perfect metaphor for our marriage.
Jeff Leavell
The VICE Guide to Right Now

You Can Have Orgies Through Tinder Now, but Everyone Will Know

The app's new "Tinder Social" feature will allow you to date in groups, but it will also tell all your Facebook friends you're swiping.
Helen Donahue

The Highs and Lows of Swinging in Your Twenties

We chatted to a few orgy-goers about their most memorable sex parties—and why two, three, or four heads are better than one.
Daisy Bata, Illustrations: George Heaven

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Tonya Couch, Carrot Top impersonator and mother of the 'Affluenza Teen,' has been deported from Mexico, Denver issued a recall of 100,000 weed edibles, and Brussels has canceled its New Year's fireworks amid fears of a terrorist attack.
VICE Staff

The 2015 Andy Kaufman Award Proves the Spirit of Andy Kaufman Is Alive and Well

The 2015 Andy Kaufman Awards featured a monologue from 'Independence Day,' a girl who "gets really reasonable when she's drunk," and a weird sex god named the Grand Inquisitor.
Jenna Marotta

Group Sex Is a Logistical Nightmare

Real life is not like a porno, where hot women wander into your apartment and start taking off their clothes. If you want to make your foray into group sex, you've got to plan ahead.
Paul Willis

Vincent Bugliosi, the Beast of a Prosecutor Who Took Down Charles Manson, Is Dead

The man who put one of the most notorious figures of the 20th century behind bars passed away this weekend at the age of 80.
Benjamin Shapiro

Meet the Organizers Behind What Might Be the World's First Disabled Orgy

It's a place where you can see every kind of naked body. Whether or not you get naked and have sex with one is up to you, your prospective partner, and the equipment you bring.
Mike Pearl

In New York, Even the Orgies Are Getting Gentrified

A new wave of erotic parties catering to 1 percenters and the 'sexual elite' has made group sex trendy again.
Zach Sokol